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Commonwealth Advanced Online Training Programme in Government Performance Management System (GPMS)

The Commonwealth Secretariat organised a one-week online training programme on Government Performance Management in February 2021.

The emphasis of the training was on the importance and relevance of the GPMS for good governance in Commonwealth Countries.

The training was attended by the following staff from Department of Public Administration (DPA) and other Government employees from India, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka and the Maldives:

  1. Mrs. Cecily Derjacques, Director General (Public Admin. & Compliance Division)
  2. Ms. Michelle Fock-Yune, Director General (Public Service Mangt. & Standard Division)
  3. Mr. Michel Bistoquet, Principal Policy Analyst
  4. Ms. Jill Tirant, Principal Performance Management Officer

Among the different methods used to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants on Government Performance Management, there was a group assignment.  Each group was made up of one member from each participating countries.  Each group had to develop a Commitment For Result (CFR) document for a Government Department in any of the six participating countries using the Strategic Management and Accountability for Result Toolkit (SMART) program.  The CFR document had to consist of the Vision, Mission and strategic objectives of the chosen department with targets set for each objectives and activities based on priority.   Then each group had to evaluate each other’s group work (CFR) using the same program (SMART) in addition to other evaluation made by some of the organisers.  This exercise provided an opportunity for the participants to implement some of the concepts and methodologies developed in the class to a real-world context. 

Being part of the team that produced the best Commitment For Result document for the Lanka Sugar Company (Sri Lanka SOE), Ms. Michelle Fock-Yune from Seychelles is one of the proud recipient of this Award.